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Thé vert de Ceylan

Cultivé dans l'arrière-pays, le meilleur thé vert de la région de Nuwara Eliya

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Graines de vanille

Excellent produit! Service excellent!

Jacqueline Oliver - États-Unis

customer testimonial image Beth Borchers

I'm a convert

I've been making my own vanilla extract for over a decade and used to buy my beans based on reviews at a Infamous Global seller. Was never sure what I would get. Then I found this company! The beans were beautiful! Fragrant, moist but not too moist, easy to cut open to expose the seeds and each Bean was six to seven inches long. I'm a happy extract maker! 💝💃🥳

Beth Borchers

blueberry cheesecake baked with tahitian vanilla

High Quality Vanilla - excellent customer service.

Slo Food group team takes great care of their customers. Received a broken bottle of Vanilla and it was immediately handled. Received my replacement bottle within 3 days.
This extract is used to make our Tahitian Vanilla Cakes!

Brigitte Oger

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Great place to get your spices

SLO Food group is the best place I have found to buy my vanilla beans, great customer service, fast shipping and very competitive prices. Thank you for helping me with my project, Vanilla extract. Thank you don young

Don Young

Buy Ceylon Green Tea Online

Buy Ceylon green tea, a tea lovers choice when a cup of high quality green tea is all that is desired. Grown in the mountainous regions of Sri Lanka under the worlds most climate friendly and strict standards, tea leaf from Sri Lanka is some of the best tea in the world for siping and savoring and it is available in our shop.
Are there potential health benefits to drinking green tea according to research?
How are Green Tea Leaves Produced?

Scientific research suggests that there may truth to the matter.  Drinking or using green tea in ones diet on a regular basis not only taste good but may do more good than you think. More information on this can be found here or in this article as well 

Why is tea from Sri Lanka often regarded as one of the worlds finest tea producing regions of the world? Majestic mountains, rolling hills, but more importantly some of the worlds most artisan tea production since 1880. Bright vibrant flavors and a range of potential health benefits makes enjoying a cup of green tea easier than you might think.

Green Tea leaves are produced from the unoxidized tea leaf versus that of black tea. It is is one of the least processed teas in the world and contains high levels of of antioxidants including myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol. 

Once picked, this type of tea leaves are quickly steamed, shaped and dried to prevent oxidation. This process preserves the green color of the leaf, enhances the sweet and leafy flavor and aroma while maintain minimal processing. Tea grown in Sri Lanka is also the world first and only ozone friendly tea in the world. Ceylon tea holds the worlds only distinction for its zero tolorance in ozone depleting substances used in tea production.


Brewing green tea is a slightly different process than steeping black tea.

  1. For optimal flavor, heat spring or filtered water to 170-180 degrees F. You can do this without a thermometer. Simply heat your water just until bubbles begin to form and lightly roll. Remove water from heat.
  2. Pour about eight to ten ounces of hot water into your teacup or teapot with desired amount of tea leaf (generally about 1-2 teaspoons of loose tea to every one cup liquid).
  3. Place the green tea in sachet or directly in the hot water. It is important to do this step after pouring the water and not to pour the water over the sachet.
  4. Let it steep for about three minutes.
  5. Let cool, remove sachet or filter and enjoy!

With all these incredible benefits in mind, it is no wonder that Ceylon green tea is one of the most popular green teas in the world. Invest in the antioxidant power of Ceylon green tea or simply enjoy for cold brews, cocktails and mocktails or the celebrated Moroccan Mint Tea. Place your order today at Slofoodgroup and enjoy our full range of green, black and white Ceylon tea leaves.

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Denise S.
United States United States

Good stuff

I really like the green tea. It has a nice flavor.

Kenneth P.
United States United States

Ceylon Green Tea

Excellent order fulfillment. Good product.

David C.
United States United States


Excellent quality and delivery

Mule S.
United States United States

Very good quality

This is very delicious tea and I will purchase again

Teri R.
United States United States

Green tea

I am very pleased with this product and will continue to purchase in the future. It is part of daily cancer routine and is enjoyably delicious!