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Cinnamon For Weight Loss

Slofoodgroup Team noviembre 15, 2023

Cinnamon is widely known for its warm, spicy flavor profile, and its unique taste has led to its popularity and utilization in dishes around the world. Aside from its culinary impact, cinnamon has also gained popularity for its health benefits and potential role in weight loss. In this article, we will discuss how cinnamon may be able to help you on your health journey. We'll also share some tasty ways to incorporate it into your diet.

Can Cinnamon Be Used for Weight loss

Recent studies suggest that incorporating cinnamon into your diet may aid in weight loss. It is suggested that this is due to cinnamon's role in loss of hunger and the simulation of digestion. The suspected reason that cinnamon increases the pace of metabolism is due to its digestibility. Studies show that the human body may require more energy to digest the spice, meaning it is also burning more calories to do so.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Aiding digestion is not the only health benefit of cinnamon, though. Many believe cinnamon also helps to build stronger bones, boost energy, and improve one’s mood—all of which typically lead to healthier, more active individuals who are more apt to lose pounds or maintain healthy weight.

Cinnamon is also rich in healthy minerals, which help to ward off heart disease and keep a healthy functioning body and immune system. Many folks also turn to cinnamon because of its inflammatory properties, which may help with pain management, arthritis, and a long list of other chronic diseases. 

Mineral Content in Cinnamon: A Nutrient Boost

Cinnamon is chock full of various nutrients. This flavorful spice is packed with calcium, iron, and magnesium, making it an excellent flavoring choice for ensuring you are consuming your important nutrients. Given cinnamon is derived from tree bark, it is no surprise that the natural spice is plentiful with your daily vitamins as well. Cinnamon has also been found to host vitamins such as B-6, B-12, D, C, and A.

Spicing Up Your Meals: Cinnamon-Infused Recipes

Baking without cinnamon is practically unheard of. It is a key ingredient in many beloved desserts like cinnamon rolls or just about any pie. However, when incorporating cinnamon into one’s diet with the intention of losing weight, you might want to forego the calorie-dense desserts and replace them with more whole foods.

Unlike desserts, when you think of pairing vegetables, cinnamon is not likely the first ingredient that comes to mind for spicing them up. It might just surprise you, though. Its warm flavor profile can be intimidating and its tendency to be used in sweets can be distracting but cinnamon's bold flavors are quite complementary to more wholesome, nutrient-rich foods like carrots, squash, brussels sprouts, and even dressings for salads. Or, move beyond the vegetables and gussy up the main course with cinnamon, using it in dry rubs for lean meats, as a flavor addition to hearty but healthy soups and stews, or a low-calorie way of spicing up sauces.


Cinnamon is famously beloved for its diverse flavors and ability to bring warmth to any dish. It is a common spice in any household and can be relied upon for uplifting your senses and pleasing your taste buds. Many have also learned to appreciate the spice for its suspected role in weight loss. Although it is not the magic solution, it is a great addition to one’s diet.

With its nutrient rich properties and metabolic enzymes, cinnamon is a great way to enhance digestion so you can feel your best. Looking for high-quality cinnamon to add to your routine? Check out our many varieties of cinnamon in our online spice shop.