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Ceylon and Saigon Cinnamons- The Worlds Most Sought After Types of Cinnamons

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Ceylon Cinnamon, also referred to as true cinnamon is the rarest and most valuable form of cinnamon in the world. It is grown in Sri Lanka and comes from a small evergreen tree. Ceylon cinnamon is soft, floral and has a less pronounced flavor profile. This variety of cinnamon has not yet truly caught on in the United States outside of the healthy eating segment of consumers.

Sri Lankan cinnamon is mostly consumed in Europe and South America but is growing in reputation for distinct flavor and potential health benefits. This cinnamon is complimentary cinnamon that goes well with fruits, sauces, moles, and pairs well with meats and game. Interested in the potential health benefits of cinnamon such as anti inflammatory, weight loss or other feel good side effects? Check out this article to learn more and decide for yourself

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Saigon Cinnamon, also known as Vietnamese Cinnamon, is a complex and aromatic cinnamon that is a type of cassia cinnamon. It in shape and color but has a strong spicy and peppery note. Saigon Cinnamon is also the highest of all cinnamons in violative oils which gives it that distinctive kick that some people love.

Vietnamese cinnamon is great for use in recipes where you want your cinnamon to be the star player. A full bodied cinnamon for when you want to feel the heat on your palate. Get to know these cinnamons and other great baking spices today when you shop at Slofoodgroup.

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