Hard-Press Silver and Gold Foil Transfer Sheets

Silver and Gold Leaf Transfer Sheets for Baking and Craft Projects

Edible firm-transfer metal leaf is ideal for large surfaces and easy to work with. The gold and silver are firmly attached to transfer backing.

More about hard-press silver and gold foil transfer sheets:

To separate from the transfer backing, you should smooth the hard-press silver or gold transfer metal leaf over the desired surface area. Once smooth, you can remove the backing. Depending on the surface medium, you may need to apply food glue or simple syrup to ensure it sticks to the surface, as is the case with most fondant.

Hard-press silver and gold foil transfer sheets work well on culinary projects, such as tiered cakes, as well as on wood and furniture applications. It does not work well for garnishing such applications because you’ll use only a small piece of gold with hard press transfer metal leaf—the gold and silver are firmly pressed and pounded to the transfer backing.

 You can find loose leaf edible gold and silver for garnishing here.