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Pearl Luster Dust

Whiter than a snow flake and pefect for a cupcake snow storm

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$ 197.00 ($ 39.40/Gram)

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Vanilla Beans

Excellent Product! Excellent Service!

Jacqueline Oliver - United States

customer testimonial image Beth Borchers

I'm a convert

I've been making my own vanilla extract for over a decade and used to buy my beans based on reviews at a Infamous Global seller. Was never sure what I would get. Then I found this company! The beans were beautiful! Fragrant, moist but not too moist, easy to cut open to expose the seeds and each Bean was six to seven inches long. I'm a happy extract maker! 💝💃🥳

Beth Borchers

High Quality Vanilla - excellent customer service.

Slo Food group team takes great care of their customers. Received a broken bottle of Vanilla and it was immediately handled. Received my replacement bottle within 3 days.
This extract is used to make our Tahitian Vanilla Cakes!

Brigitte Oger

Great place to get your spices

SLO Food group is the best place I have found to buy my vanilla beans, great customer service, fast shipping and very competitive prices. Thank you for helping me with my project, Vanilla extract. Thank you don young

Don Young

Buy Edible Pearl Luster Dust for Baking and Cake Art

Decorate your favorite baked goods and other treats with Slofoodgroup's edible pearl luster dust powder. Commonly used to add color to cakes, candies, beverages, chocolates and more.

Slofoodgroup's shimmer pearl luster dust gives a brilliant pearl white colored sparkle to food and drink applications. 

This edible dust is made from food-grade mica powder. It is suitable for use with fondants, gum paste, and can be sprinkled on buttercream frostings, or tempered chocolates.  Suitable for dry or wet use when used properly. 

  • Facts about our pearl luster dust
  • Luster dust powders, add color, add style and add sparkle to food and beverages

Made from FDA compliant peal pigments and approved color carriers, our pearl white luster dust powder meets U.S. FDA CFR 21 Part 73, 74 & GRAS definitions. 

  • Kosher certified by Earth Kosher, please send us an email if you would like to view 
  • Produced using (GMP) good manufacturing practices
  • Vegan and vegetarian suitable, no kitties, cow or other animals were harmed to make this product
  • Recommend usage in food for food-grade peal pigment is 0.1%- 1.25% by weight in cereals, confections and frostings, gelatin desserts, hard and soft candies (including lozenges), nutritional supplement tablets and gelatin capsules, and chewing gum
  • Pearl luster dust powder can be used in beverages that meet the CFR title 21 definition by up to 0.07 percent by weight. 

Pearlescent shimmer for food & desserts, never looked so good. Create your own work of food art with our pearl luster dust powder.


Try using this product in unison with some of our edible silver leaf sheets or real 24 karat gold.