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We are a Trusted Source for Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

Where to buy vanilla beans online

Enjoy rich, dark and creamy, all-natural vanilla flavor. Buy grade A gourmet vanilla beans from Madagascar, Tahiti, Uganda and more in our online spice shop

Shop bourbon, Tahitian and rare Pompona vanilla beans. Buy bulk vanilla beans at wholesale or small quantities.

Herbs and spices, plus other specialty ingredients that taste good and smell good!

Enjoy ingredients you can use in everyday cooking or on cooking for special occasions. Herbs, spices, teas and other flavors from around the world.

Authentic ingredients for authentic moments with friends and family. That is what cooking is all about. - Daniela Pinehiro, Vice President @slofoodgroup

Edible baking decorations: If it shines, shimmers, sparkles edible ,then you can find it our shop

24 karat edible gold for the most stupendous desserts or shimmering powders for pretty sweets and savory food items.

Our selection of edible gold leafs, luster dusts and edible baking decorations can help you stand out with style.

Slofoodgroup offers the crème de la crème of edible decor.

Edible fungi foods that grow in the ground

Wild foraged dried mushrooms and truffle products from the US, Europe and down under

We specialize in air dried mushrooms such as morel, porcini, shiitake and chanterelle. Wholesale, retail and industrial quantities for manufactures are available.

Fresh truffles available seasonally (summer, autumn, winter, and blanco) and our preserved truffle line of food spreads and accompaniments is easy to find year-around.

Cook with the right tools. Season with the right ingredients

Find the right tools for the right recipe in our kitchen tools and accessories section.

Make cooking more enjoyable when you shop with us. Find the right tool or get a few spices, we are here to support you.

Buy vanilla beans and spices online

Looking for kosher vanilla or cooking spices online but not quite sure where to find these ingredient?

Slofoodgroup online spice shop is where you can find, shop and buy vanilla beans, spices and other kosher ingredients online. Click below and explore our spices.

Shop Spices

A one-stop spice shop

Slofoodgroup, is the trusted online spice shop and purveyor for fine flavor ingredients at home, in your restaurant, or food service establishment.

Direct trade herbs and spices ethically sourced from small farms worldwide. Count on us to deliver.

Grade A Madagascar vanilla beans, Ceylon cinnamon, and hand harvested sea salts, Slofoodgroup spice company has something for everyone.

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Person adding edible gold leaf to a fruit tart scrapping and removing the seeds from a vanilla bean

Shop fine loose leaf teas, exotic spices and kitchen tools online

Finding the flavors you are looking for is so much easier with Slofoodgroup

Gourmet vanilla beans, spices and flavors delivered whenever you need them! Our online spice shop has premium quality spices at great prices.

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Get our latest offers, explore new product arrivals, and connect with our passionate community on our Facebook baking group.

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Why shop with us?

Slofoodgroup is an online spice shop that believes in the principle “best in, best out”. We travel the world to find the finest spices to share with you and support small farms worldwide .

For your home, professional kitchen or food manufacturing establishment, we guarantee to deliver high-quality herbs and spices that taste great.

Yes, all of our products are ethically harvested and produced. Our team at Slofoodgroup work directly with small community based farmers and medium size operations that are family owned or cooperatives owned by the farmers.

Our dedication is to operations that strive towards the highest standards for everyones well-being across the full spectrum of our value chain.

We hope you will join us in this pursuit.

Slofoodgroup guarantees you will be happy with the quality of the products you purchase and service provided by our staff.

If you do not love your purchase, let us know. We will be happy to help you return any unopened and unused product.

Terms and conditions do apply. Please refer to this policy to learn more.

At Slofoodgroup you will find some of the worlds finest ingredients for cooking and baking.

When sourcing our ingredients our team focuses on several pillars for success:

I) the seasonality of products II) application of traditional methods and practices for curing and preservation. III) modern safety and sanitation standards. IV) Sustainable methods applied to people and mother nature.

We think this combination of beliefs and a pinch or two of salt and pepper, make a world of difference.

Slofoodgroup online spice shop has vanilla beans, aromatic spices, liquid vanilla extracts and 24 karat edible gold sheets and more.

Our pure vanilla extracts and vanilla bean pastes are made right here in the United States. Rich vanilla flavors made with 100% all-natural vanilla beans from around the world

Fancy edible gold sheets or gold powders that sparkle for that tiered wedding cake?

It really is hard to find a reason to shop anywhere else for cooking, baking and kitchen ingredients.