Gourmet Dried Mushrooms & Truffles Products

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Add amazing flavor to your dishes without a lot of fuss. Mushrooms and truffles are packed with nutrition and great in soups, stock, sauces, broths, and other feel-good recipes.

Gourmet Dried Mushrooms preserved using time-honored methods of preservation 

Dried mushrooms, the dehydrated fruiting body of a fungus, are a culinary delicacy. Buy dried mushrooms today with Slofoodgroup and enjoy one of the world’s favorite fungi fruit.

Dried mushrooms and truffle carpaccio are a favorite in many cuisines 

The use of mushrooms in cooking dates back thousands of years and spans many civilizations. When cooking with mushroom, you will notice that they are packed with flavor and add depth and body to stocks, sauces, soups and more. Enjoy some dried gourmet mushrooms and truffles today for that umami sensation.