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24-Karat Gold Leaf, Edible Gold Decoration

Gold for decoration of food a wide variety of other uses

Thinly pressed edible gold paper made with 24-karat gold. Let your creative energies flow and our genuine gold leaf sparkle. Shop edible gold and silver for all your cake and pastries needs

Edible gold transfer sheets available in hard, soft, and loose leaf form

The most glamorous of garnishes, edible gold leaf is perfectly suited for any occasion. Turn your finest cake decorating creations into works of art with just a touch of 24 karat gold. Add a bit of gold brilliance to your shops finest creations with anyone of our gold leaf or gold flakes.

About edible gold leaf and why it is safe to eat and consume

Pure gold and silver both are both biologically inert. Consuming them has neither positive or negative benefits as it simply passes through the bodies intestinal system.

Gold used in food decoration is real gold. Gold is considered as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) food coloring additive. The EU and US recognize gold under the code E 175 in the Codex Alimentarius. A class name and international numbering system for food additives that is regularly updated.

Buy gold leaf sheets online and choose from three different types of edible gold and silver leafs

We offer several varieties of 24k edible gold to suit any project and any skill level. Our loose-leaf gold is great for small task such as accenting pastries, cakes, or other delicacies, and our transfer-style edible gold sheets are great for covering larger surface area such as tier cakes. The best part of all of our gold, silver, spices and any other products is our shop, everything comes with free shipping

Loose leaf - available in books with sheets of 5, 10 and 25 sheet, loose gold has no transfer paper separating each page. Perfect for accenting plated desserts such cakes, cupcakes, truffles and almost any food item. This is the most popular gold leaf for most users.

Soft press - soft press edible gold, the flexibility of loose leaf gold with transfer paper between each sheet. This type of gold is used similarly as loose leaf but is also great for covering small to medium surface areas.

Hard press - love it or hate it as most people do, hard press gold is gold sheet books that contain a single piece of transfer paper between each page. Hard press gold is often used for larger surface areas but can also be used from adding gold texture. The gold is firmly attached to each transfer paper. The gold sheet should not slide off the backing without it touching another surface area.

Check out this short video and see for yourself how gold works

It is called hard press because a user must lay the transfer sheet over their intend surface and apply consistent and even pressure on the back of the transfer paper. This allows the gold to transfer from the sheet to your cakes, craft, macaroon or other surface area.