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Edible Gold for Sale

Real Gold Leaf Sheets and Flakes for Baking and Cake Decorating

Elevate any dish or baked good with delicately placed gold leaf or flakes. At Slofoodgroup, we offer high-quality edible gold for sale that is ideal for numerous culinary and baking projects. You’ll find various styles of gold available, including loose leaf, hard and soft press transfer sheets as well as gold leaf flakes. For embellishments small or large, try food-grade gold from the collection below.

Uses for Edible Gold

Looking to enhance your presentation repertoire? Purchasing edible gold for sale the perfect place to start. Food-grade gold adds a textural and metallic element to dishes or desserts it is paired with. Despite its bold visual appeal, it delivers little to no flavor or taste. This allows it to be used in sweet or savory settings without disrupting the flavor profile.

In order to use edible gold properly, often an application brush, known a gilders brush, is needed. Using an application tool allows you to transfer gold leaf from booklets to desserts or food without the delicate gold breaking or sticking to other surfaces.

Real gold for baking and cake decorating is generally incredibly delicate. During preparation, it should be handled with care. If you do not use the entire supply in one sitting—which is very likely—it can be stored in a cool, dry place where it will be undisturbed.