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How to Prepare Saffron Tea

Slofoodgroup Team May 13, 2019

How to Make Saffron Tea From Scratch

Did you know you can make saffron tea at home with just a few simply ingredients? Saffron has long been enjoyed in tea form for both taste and health. To make saffron tea you do not need any special tool you just need a small pinch of saffron and optional a few other choice ingredients. For this recipe we choose to use some Ceylon cinnamon sticks, shaved lemon peel and local honey.  

How much saffron do you use to make saffron tea?

Per cup, we think one tsp is sufficient if you have some good saffron on hand. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to saffron. Start with a little. If you feel you need more, add a little more saffron but best to start with only moderate amounts. The flavor profile of saffron can be quite overpowering when too much is used. 

Saffron tea to sip and savor, a drink for your health

Whether its a cold winter night or a warm summer morning, saffron tea makes a great thirst-quenching refreshment that can be enjoyed both warm or hot.

Plus, it is thought to be loaded with health benefits for the body and the mind!

To make this exquisite tea, you simply need to simmer water with the addition of  Ceylon Cinnamon,  Lemon Peel,  Saffron, and  Honey. You'll love the end result!