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Ginger Powder Recipes: Savory and Sweet

Slofoodgroup Team octubre 31, 2023

Ginger is a versatile powerhouse of a spice, and one that is commonly found in kitchens around the world. With its warm, zesty nature, it compliments both sweet and savory dishes. Its popularity is well deserved— a flavorful spice perfect for accentuating other ingredients or becoming the star of the show. From bold Indian cuisines to sweet American holiday treats, ginger is incorporated into a wide array of dishes.

Savory Recipes Using Ginger

There are a multitude of ways that ginger can be incorporated into savory dishes. Given ginger comes in a variety of forms, both fresh and powdered, it is an easy way to add zest to any meal. This powerful spice can often be found in dishes with bold flavors that tingle your taste buds. Here are some great savory uses for ginger.

Soups Using Ginger Powder

Ginger’s unique flavor profile enhances any meal by adding a tangy and soothing warmth to the mouth and soups are no different. Ginger not only enhances the flavor and adds a zesty warmth to soup, but it also helps to comfort gut issues. Many folks look to ginger when preparing gut healing soups because of its capability to soothe one’s stomach. A popular example would be a Gut Healing Coconut Chicken Soup. Our recipe incorporates ginger and several other healing spices, like saffron and lemongrass, to make a soup that is both comforting on the stomach and the tastebuds.

Ginger with Meats

Ever taken a bite of an extremely flavorful, juicy burger filled with zesty, tangy goodness and wondered how it had so much flavor? There’s a chance the burger was cooked with ginger! Ginger is a great way to bring out the smoked yumminess in any meat. Whether it's finely ground pieces molded into a ground meat patty or a tasty steak marinade made with ground ginger, there are many ways ginger can be added to your meat preparations. Next time you’re making burgers, try our Spiced Lamb Burger recipe with ginger.

Sauces Made with Ginger

We love sauces! They are a fantastic way to add enhance dishes without overpowering the distinct flavors of the main attraction, but are also perfect for gussying up ingredients that taste bland on their own.

Whether it be poured over meat and vegetables or paired on the side for dipping, a flavorful sauce should never go under appreciated. An effective way to ensure a sauce is full of zest and flavor is to incorporate ginger into the recipe. Ginger is commonly used in sauces that are meant to have a bold impact on a meal that may otherwise have a softer flavor profile. For example, tofu is a meat alternative that is very plain-tasting on its own, which means home cooks and chefs need to make up for the flavor elsewhere. Sauces are a quick and easy way for doing just that. Try this 5-spice sauce for tofu.

Sweet Recipes Using Ginger

It’s time to start uplifting your palette with sweet gingery deserts. Given its warm, comforting profile, ginger is a great way to spice up any sweet treat, which is why it is notoriously utilized by bakers in the United States. Most commonly found in gingerbread cookies, ginger can also be used to enhance pies, cupcakes, and even beverages!

Ginger in Pie

When it comes to pies, there are so many different varieties and recipes to try. The most common pies are usually fruit pies, like apple, cherry, or huckleberry. But have you ever heard of butternut squash pie? Similar to pumpkin pie, butternut squash pie is made from the meaty flesh of the gourd. This pie is paired perfectly with ginger because it helps to bring out the warm, rich flavors. Try our Butternut Squash Pie and don’t forget to top it off with some homemade whipped cream.

Ginger Spices in Holiday Treats 

With the holiday season also comes delicious holiday sweets. One of the most well known holiday ginger treats is gingerbread cookies. These cookies are popular for their rich flavor and chewy goodness and are hard to pass up. However, there are so many other yummy holiday sweets you may never have known had ginger hiding in them.

Pumpkin spice has been a fall holiday staple for decades. From pumpkin spice cookies to pumpkin spice beverages, it’s a holiday hit. But did you know that the popular flavor is made with ginger? That’s right! pumpkin spice is a blend of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and more. Learn to make your own using our Pumpkin Spice recipe and see how you can craft your own spiced pumpkin treats this fall.

Sweet Ginger Toppings

 Sometimes a sweet treat is best served up cold. Ice cream is a fan favorite on a hot day. What could be better than a cold bowl of ice cream? Easy—a cold bowl of ice cream with a sweet, tangy topping. In our recipe for Vanilla Soft Serve with Peach Syrup, we show you how you can use ginger to create a scrumptious fruity glaze for your frozen treat.

Ginger has a plethora of amazing qualities that it brings to the table, but cooking with fresh ginger root comes with its own set of challenges—peeling and chopping being the primary annoyances. Powdered ginger, on the other hand, is convenient and, when using high-quality versions, won't impact the flavor of the recipe. If you're looking for a good ginger powder for your spice rack, try our gourmet Ginger Powder from Sri Lanka.