Edible Silver for Sale

Quality Food Grade Silver Products for Culinary and Pastry Use 

Light and sophisticated, edible silver brings high-end cooking and baking to a new level. Similar to gold leaf and flakes, food-grade silver products are easy to work with once you have the basics down. The uses for this product are only limited to your imagination. Edible silver can be used as an aesthetic element to almost any dish without disrupting taste or texture. 


Expand your Use of Edible Noble Metals to Include Silver Leaf and Flakes 

At Slofoodgroup, our silver edibles are of the highest quality. All food grade silver products for sale online can be used in professional or home kitchens. All items are made from 100% pure silver. 

Some of our more popular items include silver leaf. This incredibly delicate decorative food item may require some getting used to, as it’s unlike any other common embellishment. However, once you’ve mastered the skill of applying silver using a gilding brush, you’ll be able to create smooth finishes on chocolates to just-enough embellishment on cakes or pastries. 

If you’re not quite up for the challenge of edible metal transfer sheets, silver flakes may be the preferred item of choice. Edible silver flakes give you the same shine and glamour of silver leaf, without the difficult transfer process.