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Types of Pure Saffron for Sale Online

High-Quality Negin, Sargol, Dasteh Types of Saffron

The highest quality dried saffron threads from the crocus sativus grown in Afghanistan. The saffron flower is the culinary crown jewel of spice in the world known for red stigma, yellow styles and cooking versatility.


 Buy the highest quality saffron from our online spice shop and you will find

Our shop offers various grades, cuts and even origins. Slofoodgroup food quality experts hand select each grade based on the following factors: appearance, aroma, coloring, and taste. Our shop features the finest quality Persian saffron filaments balancing quality and price to perfectly match your needs.

The types of Saffron in our shop

Super Negin - one of the most desirable grades for cooking or medicinal purposes. This quality that makes up less than ten percent of world-wide production and includes only the longest of all red filaments. The all red threads are both visually attractive and have a good balance of coloring, aroma, and flavor. The filaments contain less than two percent orange or yellow style

Negin grade saffron - red coloring with some orange to yellow stye tips this is wonderful choice for gifting, cooking, and medicinal use.

Sargol cut - meaning the top of the flower - composed of shorter all red threads. The cut comes exclusively from the tip of the filament where the trumpet shape just begins to form. This type of cut is separated from flower before drying and used commonly in professional kitchens, and restaurants

Dasteh Bunch - the full saffron crocuses stigma from the end of the white tip to the fire red tops. This grade is commonly used in everyday cooking, tea and medical use. It is the most economical of all grades as there is no waste and a relatively little work compared to the trimming of the top of the filaments by hand.


Where does saffron really come from

Primary grown in the Middle East, the worlds red gold also comes from many other regions of the world with each country claiming superiority of their product due to climate conditions, soil, drying methods and traditional practices. All are partially right, their product is superior but for many various reasons and depending who you ask.

Kashmir- famously grown in the disputed region this type of saffron is said to be the rarest of all.

La Mancha - also called azafran in Spain and known as purple gold, comes from a DOP protected region known as Castilla-La Mancha

Iranian - The undisputed king of production Iran grows and harvests more saffron than all regions of the world combined. The quality, efficiency and maturity of crocus sativus cultivation starts and end in Iran.

Afghanistan - a neighbor to Iran and formerly part of the Persian empire, Afghanistan has been a driving force of high-quality saffron production that is said to rival any country.

Greece - all though this area of the Mediterranean is known for parties, olive oil, and beautiful cities other treasures are also to be found. A small amount the worlds most valuable spice is grown in the small town of Krokos. 

Why take our word for it, we have verified laboratory testing that tells the true story of quality our golden saffron

Rigorously tested based on ISO standards measuring the factors of crocin (color), picrocrocin (flavor), and safranal (aroma). We take quality seriously and know you do too. At Slofoodgroup we trust the experts at Eurofins for safety and validation testing of our saffrons.

How much saffron do you need for cooking at home

For first time users, we recommend purchasing the one-gram option of any variety. It is an ample amount of saffron and enough to feed yourself and some friends that paella dish you have been craving.

Add to your spice collection with the high-quality saffron for sale at Slofoodgroup! Considering saffron for health reasons? Take a look at this article we wrote on saffron milk with just this in mind

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