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How to Properly Store Spices

Slofoodgroup Team June 10, 2020

Spices add flavor to any dish. People can put Tahitian vanilla beans in their ice cream to make it extra sweet or sprinkle some cinnamon on freshly baked muffins. Yet, spices are perishable items. Read this guide on how to properly store spices, so your ingredients stay fresh way into the future.

Seal Everything

Whole spices, like extra-long Madagascar vanilla, typically last longer than ground ones. However, both varieties of the spice require proper storage to prolong their shelf-life. It’d help if you kept your spices in airtight containers to prevent contamination. Exposure to open air allows spices to lose their flavor much quicker. Instead, purchase containers with tight lids where you can place the ingredients. Consider placing the container in a sealable bag, as well, for an extra layer of security.

Heat Is a No-Go

Heat and spices aren’t copasetic. Keep these items in a temperature-controlled area if you want them to remain flavorful. This means keeping them out of the cabinet above the oven. Instead, place your spices in a faraway place, like a kitchen pantry. They’re less likely to sustain exposure to the elements this way. Try your hardest to keep spices away from other appliances, too. Moisture is another contributing factor to a spice’s flavor. Keep things fresh by storing them away from your dishwasher, sink, or any other place where they might get wet.

Labels Are Your Friend

Everyone’s guilty of forgetting how long they’ve had certain ingredients. It’s not a wise idea to use paprika that may have been sitting on the shelf for years. The product will be chunky and dry. Using old spices will definitely affect the taste of the dish you’re creating, so another tip for how to properly store spices is to label everything. Write the date on the container the minute you buy a spice. That way, you’ll know for sure whether it’s safe to use while cooking.

Every chef knows how important it is to have spices in the kitchen. Without these pieces, meals would be bland and flavorless. Slofoodgroup has a wide variety of gourmet spices online that every chef can incorporate into their cooking. These ingredients will expand your palette and push you outside your comfort zone. If you follow this advice, you can create bold dishes that people will be salivating over for days.