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Açaí Berry Popsicles

Slofoodgroup Team July 11, 2022

How to Make Coconut, Banana, Berry, and Açaí Popsicles

While açaí isn’t actually a berry at all, they do resemble berries and are often referred to as such. So we're just going to “go with it” and make açaí berry popsicles. Knowing that the fruit that dangles off of the açaí palm are drupes and not berries, though,  it seemed a little strange to make them with açaí as the only fruit. So we felt compelled to make true açaí berry popsicles by adding actual berries along with our freeze-dried açaí powder. 

We also wanted to incorporate a banana because we absolutely love the Brazilian dessert, Açaí Na Tigela. This superfood dessert often mixes, granola, açaí puree, coconut water, guarana syrup, and banana. We left out the granola, mixed in blueberries and raspberries (feel free to use whatever berry types you prefer), and used some coconut milk instead of coconut water for some extra creaminess. 

Outside of Brazil and other Amazonian countries, finding guarana products is often difficult. If you aren’t able to find a source for guarana syrup, feel free to substitute maple syrup, honey, or agave nectar. The end product will be a little different, since guarana is a flavor that is incredibly unique, but it will still be delicious! Alternatively, you could substitute another fruit syrup, such as passionfruit or guava, which are a bit easier to find. 

We think you’ll love these, but don't take our word on it; try them yourself. Let us know how they turned out in the comments section.

Açaí Na Tigela Inspired Popsicles

Yields: 12 Popsicles


  • 3 tablespoons Açaí powder
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 13-ounce can coconut milk
  • ¾ cup fresh or frozen blueberries
  • ¾ cup fresh or frozen raspberries
  • 3 tablespoons guarana syrup 


  1. In a blender or smoothie maker, blend the açaí powder, banana, coconut milk, blueberries, raspberries, and guarana syrup.
  2. Ensure the mixture is smooth throughout and pour it into your popsicle molds. 
  3. Place the popsicle sticks directly in the middle and secure using popsicle mold topper or other method. 
  4. Find a flat spot in the freezer and place your popsicle molds there, ensuring they are level. 
  5. Freeze for 6 hours or more to ensure your açaí berry popsicles are frozen through. 

We think you’ll love these açaí berry popsicles and, unlike other varieties of popsicles, these are incredibly healthy—chock full of antioxidants and vitamins. So feel free to eat them for breakfast, lunch, or a snack to cool you off on a hot day!