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Edible Silver Leaf Sheets

Pure silver leaf contributes elegance to cake projects, culinary or otherwise.

Pure silver leaf contributes elegance to cake projects, culinary or otherwise.

Edible Silver Sheets of the Finest Quality

The pure reflective look of silver enhances creations with antique appearance and shiny luster. Buy thinly pressed edible silver leaf sheets in both loose type and transfer form for cakes, cookies, plated desserts, and more. Silver and gold the only two edible metals.

Choose a variety of edible silver foil options specifically suited to your project.

When selecting pure silver leaf or any metal leaf for projects, it’s always important to consider the intended result. Below we have outlined the general uses for each type of edible silver leaf sheet.

Loose leaf silver sheets - are designed for light garnishing, accenting and otherwise.  Traditionally used in restaurants for plated desserts, or accenting cakes. Fun to use, extremely delicate, hand with care at all times.

Soft press transfer leaf silver - great for larger projects or using for draping effects over chocolates, soft serve, and can be used for garnishment and accenting.  Similar to loose leaf but with transfer baking paper on each page.

Hard press transfer silver leaf - this type of silver leaf is used to cover large surface areas such as tiered cakes, furniture, wood working etc.  The silver is firmly attached to the transfer backing and less fragile than loose or soft press.  To transfer silver from backing to surface area, press is applied by smoothing the backing over the medium in which you wish to apply the silver. May require a slightly tacky surface.