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Find out just how much 24 karat edible gold leaf you need to cover that wedding cake

Did a client tell you they wanted edible gold leaf on their cake? Do you have a special someone and  you decided to really kick it up a notch with a bit of fancy edible gold or Champagne gold leaf?  Our calculator is intended to help you figure out just how much our 24 karat or champagne gold leaf you need. Just follow the simple steps below to get started. 


How much gold leaf do you need?

  • Step one: Choose a surface area rectangle, square or round
  • Step two: Input the size of the shape
  • Step three: Select your margin or keep our default margin
  • Step four: Review your answer

Surface Area Calculator


You will need 1 sheets.

Disclaimer: The 35% margin calculated into your order for both gold leaf and silver leaf was estimated through multiple product tests. Based off our experience, it is our very best estimated margin. However, depending on skill level of application and additions to cake that may cause variations in its size, you may still need more (or less) than this.