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Industrial Vanilla| Grade C Vanilla Beans

These vanilla beans are offered at an exceptional value and can be used for making vanilla extract or in house ground vanilla bean powder.

Unclassified Vanilla Beans are not intended to be used as Gourmet Vanilla Beans...

Short vanilla, and vanilla beans under 12 cm in length meet neither grade A or Grade B vanilla standards. Unclassified Vanilla can go by several other names including Grade C vanilla, short vanilla, or unclassified vanilla. This type of vanilla bean is not intended as a replacement for gourmet vanilla in any recipe and users will find that the vanilla pods are more difficult to work with due to the smaller than average size of the vanilla bean.  

How to make Vanilla Extract with Unclassified Vanilla Beans...

Simply chop vanilla beans into .25 -. 5 inch pieces and add to liquid of choice, vodka, bourbon, rum or brandy.  Short vanilla can also be used for infusions or other applications as desired.