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What Is The Healthiest Cinnamon To Take?

Slofoodgroup Team June 11, 2023

Cinnamon Used In Natural Medicine

Benefits of Cinnamon:

Cinnamon has long been incorporated into natural medicine routines, with the pungency and warmth providing more than just flavor and aroma to the dishes and beverages it is used in. The suggested health benefits are many, from supporting healthy blood glucose levels and aiding digestive support to boosting the immune system and reducing body-wide inflammation.

Worries about cinnamon toxicity:

The potential benefits coupled with a growing interest in natural medicine and the “food as medicine” mentality have assisted in positioning cinnamon as an ingredient that is just as well suited for the medicine cabinet as it is on the spice rack. Still, not all cinnamon is created equally and, after the “cinnamon challenge” incidents that created a social media uproar a few years back, there has been growing concern as to whether or not cinnamon is safe for consumption.

As far as the FDA is concerned, it is, but as with anything, it’s best used in moderation. When it comes to determining whether or not cinnamon is a good choice for your dietary health plan, we recommend first speaking with your doctor. If they give you the green light, you’ll have two main types of cinnamon to choose from: Cassia and Ceylon.

Which Cinnamon Is Best To Use?

The concern over cinnamon is primarily rooted in the levels of naturally-derived coumarin, a compound that can lead to liver damage in high quantities and can be used as a blood thinner. While all cinnamon has coumarin, Ceylon cinnamon is known to possess much lower levels than other varieties of cinnamon. For that reason, Ceylon cinnamon is typically considered the best option for those incorporating cinnamon into their daily routine.

That said, Cassia cinnamon is contains a higher potency, with more concentrated levels of cinnamaldehyde and other volatile oils. Cinnamaldehyde is the cinnamon compound associated with lowering blood sugar levels, so some folks might actually opt for Cassia for this reason, despite much higher levels of coumarin. Most studies lead researchers to believe that taking anything less than a teaspoon a day is likely safe, though.

Ceylon, with its experiential sweetness and delicate spice it the most highly recommended cinnamon option for health. Both types have their unique characteristics, though, and determining the best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences and the discussions you have with your healthcare provider.