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Health Benefits of Morel Mushrooms

Kindi Lantz March 19, 2020

The Many Wonderful Benefits of Morchella Mushrooms

Lately, anytime I walk into any health food grocery store, I almost immediately come across a large display of medicinal mushroom products—smoothie powders, teas, pills, extracts, elixirs, and more. It may seem like a new fad, but fungi have been used for thousands of years to treat various ailments and provide a wide array of nutrients needed by our bodies. 

But, are all mushrooms created equal? While all mushrooms do share certain nutrients, there are many varieties, and both the nutritional content and supposed health benefits will vary from one species to the next. We will be specifically looking at morels to see where they land on the health spectrum compared to other mushrooms, how they shine, and how to get the most out of these delicate forest gems. 

Before we get started, though, it’s important to note that the specific nutritional content of any mushroom will depend on the area in which they were grown—the air quality, soil condition, hours of sunlight, 

What are the top health benefits of morel mushrooms? 

Morel mushrooms have high Vitamin D content

While all mushrooms contain vitamin D, morels are among the highest content of this bone-strengthening vitamin. More and more people worldwide are developing vitamin D deficiencies, which can lead to depression, bone density issues, hair loss, weakened immune systems, and more. The primary way we obtain Vitamin D is when our skin is exposed to UV-B rays, but the global population is spending less and less time outside, which means, we need to increase our levels of the “sunshine vitamin” through other sources. As I mentioned, mushrooms are a great source of Vitamin D. In fact, they are one of the only plant-based sources of this critical vitamin!

Morel mushrooms are thought to aid in anti-aging 

While mushrooms are not a stand-in for the fountain of youth, they can aid in cell regeneration due to high levels of copper. Additionally, a study conducted at Penn State, found extremely high levels of two antioxidants within the fungi.  These particular antioxidants are known for anti-aging properties in that they help cells combat oxidative stress and the levels in mushrooms are exponentially higher than any other vegetable they have tested. So, while you may not be able to produce a magic elixir that will reverse the signs of aging and restore your youth, eating mushrooms regularly might just help you ward off additional wrinkles, baggy eyes, and grey hairs for a little bit longer. 

Morels are rich in several minerals

Copper isn’t the only mineral naturally found in these sponge-like delicacies. Morel mushrooms are also rich in magnesium, potassium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, and iron. Because of the extremely high levels of iron, many people use morels to treat anemia and increase the potential for optimal brain function. 

Using mushrooms medicinally is far from a new concept; they are just finally getting the credit they deserve. Plus, you don’t have to take them in pill or elixir-form to enjoy the supposed medicinal properties. Instead, make them the star of your next meal!

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