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Health Benefits of Black Limes

Slofoodgroup Team December 17, 2022

What are Black Limes

Black limes are exactly what the name would make you think of—limes that are black in appearance. They are not derived of a particular citrus species capable of growing limes containing black peels or flesh, but are actually just regular, green limes that have gone through a scalding and drying process until they are hard, black, and can be easily grated. 

Black limes are known by many other names—dried lime, noomi basra,limoo amani, and loomi. They are commonly known as a flavoring agent for a wide variety of Middle Eastern dishes, especially heavy soups and stews and fish and chicken dishes. These dried limes are commonly known as being providing more than just a refreshing flavor pop to dishes, though. They are gaining quite a bit of attention for their use in natural health practices. 

What Are The Nutritional Components of Black Limes and What Are They Good For? 

Limes, in general are loaded with many vitamins and nutrients to protect our health and help our bodies and minds thrive in the day-to-day. With black limes, pound-for-pound, those nutritional components are even more prevalent because when the water is released in the dehydration process, the nutrients remain in a more concentrated form. Let’s dive into the primary nutritional  makeup of black limes and how this ingredient can go beyond balancing the flavor of the dishes we consume to help us also balance our health. 

Black limes are high in vitamin C

Just like any citrus fruits, a lot of vitamin C is packed into black limes. Vitamin C is commonly known for its role in combatting illness and has been suggested to shorten the duration of cold and flu symptoms and/or lessening severity of the illness. 

It’s not just an important nutrient for giving our immune system a boost, though. It enables our cells to not only fight disease but also to repair damaged tissue. Furthermore, vitamin C is becoming more prevalent in beauty routines because it is known to be an amino acid that faces free radicals head-on and oxygenates the blood, smoothing fine lines and potential preventing wrinkles. 

Black Limes are high in vitamin D

The majority of the global population has insufficient levels of vitamin D, a nutrient that plays a major role in absorbing calcium that contributes to bone density. Low levels of vitamin D have also been correlated to several mental health issues, including depression, feelings of sadness, emotional stress, and even overal quality of life.

Research Suggests Black Limes Can Balance Ph Levels

There is some evidence that suggests citrus fruits to be effective in neutralizing stomach acid and even protecting against some cancers. Citrus, including black limes, have beneficial levels of absorbic acid present. This acid has been suggested to increase alkalinity and could protect against cell damage, decrease blood pressure, ease an upset stomach, and even alleviate acid reflux symptoms. 

In addition to the nutrients and benefits mentioned above, black limes also have beneficial levels of fiber, magnesium, folic acid, calcium, iron, potassium, thiamine, and even has antibacterial properties—all of which are needed for a healthy, functional body and mind. 

So why not start your day off with a satisfying cup of fresh-brewed loomi tea, grate black lime atop your fish, or drop a couple of whole dried limes into your next batch of stew. Not only will you enjoy the musky, tangy elements it contributes, but your overall healthy could be improved.