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Best Uses for Fleur de Sel

Slofoodgroup Team September 24, 2022

Fleur de sel is considered a finishing salt. Can it be used for flavoring foods during the cooking process? Of course, but it is such a phenomenal ingredient, that most folks really want that briny flavor and delicate crunch to shine. Thus, it is mostly used as a finishing salt. And with the price of fleur de sel being reflective of its rarity and the time and effort it takes to harvest it, it might very well be a gastronomic offense to misuse these salty shards.

But what, exactly,  are some of the best uses for fleur de sel. Although best is a quite relative term, we are happy to share some of our favorites. 

Using Fleur de Sel as a Finishing Salt  

The uses for fleur de sel are nearly as multitudinous as salt particles in the sea. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorites.

Make homemade caramels with fleur de sel

Aren’t homemade caramels just devine? Balancing that sweetness with a little extra salt is the best way to take them from run-of-the-mill to exceptional! Just top each bite-size caramel with 3-4 flakes of fleur de sel. 

Uplift any chocolate with gourmet finishing salt

As noted in our previous recommendation, salt can really uplift a sweet treat. Add an element of bitterness, such as what is experienced when biting into a piece of dark chocolate and you will have a flavor explosion. Think drizzled chocolate over melted fruit, rich chocolate ganache, flourless chocolate cake, or chocolate truffles—all finished with a bit of fleur de sel.

Blanched vegetables with olive oil and fleur de sel

Blanching vegetables like green beans, asparagus, and broccoli is a great way to bring out that bright color while maintaining their fresh flavor and keeping them texturally satisfying. Once blanched, transfer them in a pot of ice water to halt the cooking process, drain the water, and toss them in olive oil and fleur de sel. 

Use fleur de sel to take a green salad from simple to gourmet

Isn’t it wild that a simple dish can be transformed from plain to elegant with just a single ingredient. Take mixed salad greens, for instance. All you need to impress is a simple vinaigrette and fleur de sel and, voila, a starter course fit for 5-star dining. 

Use fleur de sel to uplift hors d'oeuvres

When you only have a small bite to pack loads of flavor into, a couple flakes of fleur de sel is the way to go. Whether you are serving a crostini with chèvre and berry compote, bleu-cheese and bacon tartlets, pâté atop radish coins or seed crackers, or varying degrees of other types of appetizers, a little fleur de sel can go a long way in driving extreme flavor into the bite-sized delight. 

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