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What Are Australian Black Winter Truffles

Slofoodgroup Team August 15, 2022

Australian black winter truffles are an edible fungus found in the soil at the base of hazelnut and oak trees in—you guessed it—Australia. Botanically referred to as Tuber Melanosprum, these truffles can also be identified as Perigord truffles or tartufo nero, when sourced from other areas of the world.

This spectacular fungus is deep brown to black, bulbous, and lumpy on the exterior, with an internal appearance that features black and white vein-like marbling. These truffles are known the world over for their pungent, semi-sweet, earthy aroma and flavor, but the season is short and this particular variety of truffle is rare, so sourcing fresh Australian black winter truffles can be tricky. 

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Getting To Know The Perigord Truffle

If this is your first time hearing about he Australian black winter truffle, you might have some questions. Let’s see if we can get those answered for you.

Are all Perigord truffles found in Australia?

Though Australia does cultivate some of the world’s best Perigord truffles, they are not only found in The Land Down Under. Black winter truffles are actually native to Europe, donning the moniker of Perigord truffles because of the region in France where they are prevalent.

Do Australian black truffles grow wild?

While Tuber Melanosprum can be found wild in many areas of  Europe—primarily France, Spain, and Italy—the prized Australian winter black truffle is solely a cultivated delicacy. 

How long do winter truffles last?

Australian black winter truffles are typically available from the months of June through September. When obtained fresh, keep in mind that the Australian black winter truffle, like all truffles, will begin losing its potency in both aroma and flavor as soon as it is unearthed.

As such, it’s important to ensure you are taking proper care of your truffles to ensure the longest culinary lifespan as possible. We recommend using them as soon as possible to ensure you get the best-possible truffle flavor, but if you aren’t able to use them immediately, we’ve put together a handy guide to assist in extending the life of your fresh truffles. 

Are Perigord truffles available in the summer?

Perigord truffles are found in the winter months in Europe, which is why they are known as black winter truffles. Because the winter months of the Southern Hemisphere correspond to Europe’s summer, however, cultivation has enabled the congregate global palate to be influenced by this spectacular fungi nearly year-round. 

How is the Australian black winter truffle produced? 

As we previously mentioned, the Australian black winter truffle is not native to Australia. It is the Tuber Melanosprum—a European variety of the black winter truffle—that has been cultivated. To do this, spores of the Perigord truffle were used to inoculate saplings. These saplings were brought to Australia, where they were planted on farms. Of course, the farms, or ​​truffières, first needed ensure growing conditions were similar to those of the areas in which the truffles are natively grown, including climate, soil texture and pH level, available nutrients, and the like.