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Bay Leaf Benefits

Slofoodgroup Team October 29, 2022

Bay leaf is primarily known as an ingredient known for balancing the flavor of savory dishes such as heavy simmered sauces, braised meats and vegetables, and brines, soups, and hearty stews, but far fewer people realize that it also has therapeutic attributes. The Bay Laurel Leaf has been use for centuries as a medicinal herb, both in it’s dried form and when steeped in water to make tea. 

These fragrant leaves boast a long list of vitamins, nutrients, and medicinal applications. We have explored many of the suggested benefits of the bay leaf and are sharing them in this article. 

Medicinal Benefits of Using Bay Laurel Leaf

Bay leaf tea is gaining increased popularity in the natural health world and it’s no wonder why, not only is it fragrant and satisfying to taste, it hosts a large assortments of vitamins and nutrients. Let’s take a look at the specific ways bay leaf is being used for health. 

Bay leaf may promote wound healing.

Bay leaf has been proven to aid in the acceleration of wound healing by reducing inflammation in the area around the wound. While the research suggests this to be the case generally, the studies were conducted on rat rather than humans. Considering the simple fact that all mammals are subject to the same healing mechanisms, we think it’s safe to say that using bay leaf as a means of speeding up recovery certainly isn’t a bad idea. 

When used for wound healing, bay leaves are typically ground with liquid added and slathered directly on the wound or the essential oils extracted from the plant are blended with carrier ingredients to make oils, salves, or linaments. 

Bay leaf may assist in relieving digestive issues. 

Bay leaves contain a unique set of enzymes that have positioned it as a natural treatment for gastrointestinal issues such as irritable bowl syndrome, gasiness, indigestion, and more.  Because said enzymes work together to break down proteins and nutrients that may be harder to digest, the leaves of the Bay Laurel may promote relief of stomach pains associated with the gastrointestinal tract.  

Bay leaf may ease stress and anxiety.

Research has shown that including bay leaf in one's routine may promote calmness. The aromatic compounds contained within these flat leaves are similar to those in lavender, which is more commonly thought of as a plant that promotes calmness. These compounds are released by burning or otherwise heating the leaves and the result is a lovely scent that works wonders on soothing the mind releasing tension.

Bay leaf is good for overall health.

Bay leaf, like many other herbs, is rich in many vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and other key nutrients that can promote overall health and a well-rounded diet. Whether you plan on incorporating it into your diet with a daily glass of tea or using it to brighten up heavy sauces, you can find the highest quality bay laurel leaf right here. 


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