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Does Silver Tip White Tea Have Caffeine?

Slofoodgroup Team février 15, 2024

Silver Needle White Tea is celebrated for its delicate flavor and minimal processing. Named for its physical appearance, silver tip or silver needle tea leaves resemble thin, silver needles, composed of young, unfurled, velvety tea leaf buds. These delicate buds are sourced from the same plant that produces the more common black and green teas. As such, it should come to no surprise that silver tip white tea does contain caffeine, as do all of the true teas sourced from the Camellia sinensis plant. Still, there are differences in caffeine levels between the various types of tea, due to stage of growth, growing conditions, processing techniques, steeping temperatures and times, and other factors. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

Exploring the Subtle Elegance of Silver Needle Tea

Silver needle tea is the most youthful among tea varieties and consists of early buds from the tea plant that exhibit a slight fuzziness and a silver hue. These buds are harvested in the early morning before exposure to sunlight and only the top, central tea leaf shoots are plucked from the plant. To prevent oxidation, the buds are delicately placed in silk pouches, shielding them from direct sunlight during transport to the processing area. Here, they undergo traditional drying in the shade. These harvesting and processing procedures not only make for a lovely presentation but also offer a unique, ethereal taste experience, reminiscent of fresh-cut grass and spring flower blossoms, with a natural sweetness.

Comparing Caffeine Levels in White Tea and Other Tea Varieties

As we mentioned previously, silver tip tea is sourced from the same plant as black and green teas and thus, does contain caffeine, but in general, white tea generally possesses lower levels of the natural stimulant. Of the three, black tea contains the highest amount of caffeine, followed by green tea. On average, a cup of Silver Needle White Tea contains approximately 30-50 milligrams of caffeine per 8-ounce serving.

At this point, you might find yourself mumbling, “...but herbal teas don’t have caffeine at all”. This may be true, but the fact is, that herbal “teas” are not tea at all because they are not sourced from the tea plant. A more accurate term for these mock teas is tisane, but since they are not true tea, we will not be discussing them further in this article.

Why Does White Tea Contain Less Caffeine Than Other Tea Varieties

Oddly enough, tea leaf buds have higher natural levels of caffeine than leaves plucked at a more mature state of growth. Likewise, the minimal processing and lack of oxidation further preserve those levels of caffeine. So why do we intake fewer milligrams of caffeine from a cup of white tea? It really comes down to how the tea is brewed.

White tea is an extremely delicate tea, with subtle flavor nuances that can be lost or tainted with over-steeping or too high of temperatures, making it somewhat astringent in the test. To avoid this, it is often recommended to use a lower temperature of water than you would for green or black teas. A good rule of thumb is water that is just slightly cooler than the boiling point. Once the water is up to the ideal temperature, steep your tea for about 3 minutes (covered). Another option is to cold brew the tea.

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