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Ceylon Green Tea For Weight Loss

Slofoodgroup Team décembre 31, 2022

Green tea is adored around the world for its bright, earthy flavor, but many people also consume it because green tea is recognized as being beneficial to ones health and longevity.

Several of the claims of the benefits of drinking green tea are associated with the two main contributors to weight loss—reducing caloric intake and burning fat—and green tea has been noted as assisting both in a multitude of ways

Is Ceylon green tea good for weight loss?

Green tea has been studied at length as a potential contributor to weight loss and obesity prevention, with a multitude of evidence suggesting that it is beneficial in reaching ones weight loss goals. In one particular study, polyphenols were discovered as supporting obesity management on various levels. All tea leaves, regardless of the stage of maturity at which they are harvested, the part of the leaf structure that is harvested, or the curing and preservation proces, contain polyphenols. That being said, green tea has been known to contain higher amounts of polyphenols due to the release of some compounds during oxidation. 

Let’s take a look at how polyphenols and green tea may speed up weight loss and work toward preventing obesity.

Does Ceylon green tea burn fat?

The effectiveness of using green tea as an aid in fat burning has been studied on many occasions and most have concluded that it can be used as a safe and powerful constituent of a weight-loss plan. One of the ways in which it helps with these efforts is by helping to burn fat. 

The polyphenols found in tea leaves and other plants don’t just destroy fat cells directly, though; one study points out that they work in a variety of ways, helping the human body break down fat through lipid metabolization, increasing energy expenditure, positively modulating microbial diversity in gut, disrupting adipocytes to better balance energy levels, reducing lipid homeostasis, and by inhibiting some digestive enzymes that may be contributing to obesity by turning unused fats and carbohydrates into triglycerides and fatty acids that are deposited into tissues. Basically, drinking green tea is like introducing a multifaceted force into your body to battle fat at every point in its journey.

Does green tea suppress appetite? 

Fighting fat and turning the food we put into our bodies into usable energy before it turns into fat isn’t the only way to reach for people to reach their weight-loss goals, though. Reducing caloric intake is also an important step in many prescribed healthcare plans. Of course, only you and your doctor can determine what is right for you, but scientific studies have found green tea to be effective in appetite suppression. The aforementioned study found this benefit to once again to be attributed to the presence of polyphenols, which inhibit ghrelin production (the hormone that tells your brain you are hungry) secretion and promote the the production of adiponectin (the hormone that tells your brain you are full).

It’s also been said that many times when your brain tells your body it is hungry, on many occasions your body is actually thirsty. Simply drinking a low-calorie liquid prior to ingesting any high-calorie food may enable us to eat less and stretch the time between meals. So polyphenols aside, replacing your afternoon snack with a cup of Ceylon green team might just tip the scale in your favor in your fight for weight-loss.