Vanilla Pompona, Peruvian

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Buy Heirloom Vanilla Beans from Peru 

Exotic, rare, and quite possibly the largest vanilla beans you have ever seen, Pompona vanilla is believed to be original vanilla bean.  Due to the difficulty in cultivating, lower yields a host of other factors vanilla planifolia long ago supplemented this heritage vanilla bean.  Slofoodgroup is proud to offer these truly unique vanilla  beans in small quantities for true vanilla connoisseurs. 

What makes vanilla Pompona so unique?  

For starters, just look at these vanilla beans, the shape, texture and aroma is unlike no other vanilla on the market. These vanilla beans have deep notes of fig and raisin and are know to develop vanilla crystal.  The vanilla pod itself is much thicker and broader while the inside of the bean is filled with ample amounts of vanilla seeds.   

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