White Peppercorns, Sri Lanka
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Buy Whole White Peppercorns for soups, stews, and sauces

Made from fully ripened berries of the pepper plant, Piper nigrum, white peppercorns are the lesser-known than the king of spices, black pepper.  To make white pepper it starts with the picking of the berries at the right stage of ripeness.  The pepper berries are then soaked water for around 10 days before the outer skin is removed.  White pepper works great in recipes where you do not want to see black pepper specs.  In classic cooking, white peppercorns are used mostly in white mother sauces, chowders, mashed potatoes, fish and even vegetables. Unlike many other spices, it is also used best in moderation but also towards the end of the cooking process to finish a dish.

 *Our high-quality white peppercorns have been certified kosher by a Rabbi at a notable kosher certification agency.

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