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Vanilla Beans | Tahitensis, Tahiti

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Award winning Tahitian Vanilla beans from Tahiti

Prized the world over by some of the most respected baking institutions and chefs alike, this award winning Tahitian vanilla bean is soft and floral with a complexity you cannot find anywhere else in the world. These Tahitian vanilla beans smell of sweet summer cherries, ripe fruit, licorice with caramel and fragrant star anise notes. Moisture content for Tahitian Vanilla beans are 55-60 percent humidity. Buy Tahitian Vanilla beans and you will never look at another vanilla the same. We believe these Tahitian Vanilla beans to be the absolute best in the world because of the locational rarity and the impeccable attention to detail in which this  (Vanilla Tahitensis )Tahitian Vanilla Beans are produced.  

  • 16cm+ plump vanilla beans
  • buying vanilla beans is never easy but with these beans, it has never been easier.
  • great for custards, cream bases, vanilla extract, chocolates, fruit and so much more
  • produced on the island of Raiatea
  • perfect for adding a more delicate and floral touch to desserts and pastries
  • average vanilla beans per pound 60-70 count

*always store vanilla beans in an airtight container in a cool and dark place

Award winning Soft and Floral

Medaille D'Or ParisMedaille D'Argent Paris

The CGA has held impartial and rigorous judging standards since its first event in Paris in 1860.

About Tahitian Vanilla Beans:

Tahitian Vanilla (Vanilla Tahitensis) is hybrid vanilla that is a cross between Vanilla planifolia and Vanilla odorata. Vanilla Tahitensis is currently grown in various regions of the world but Vanilla Tahitensis from French Polynesia is truly king.  The Tahitian vanilla bean is much more of a rarity than other types of vanilla beans such as bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans. The large plump vanilla beans that add a earthy, floral, fruit, caramel and spice tones to any dish will accentuate chocolates and fruits very well. If your looking for great quality Tahitian vanilla beans at a great price, buy Tahitian vanilla beans today from SLOFOODgroup and we guarantee you will absolutely thank us for it.

100% Organic Natural ProductNon-GMO (Does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms)

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