Grade A Vanilla Beans from Papua New Guinea | Gourmet Vanilla Planifolia

    • Well-Balanced Bourbon Vanilla Beans From Papua New Guinea

      Vanilla Beans from Papua New Guinea are a high-quality Bourbon vanilla bean. Their fragrance can be described as heavy and well-balanced, with strong notes of chocolate and sweet cream butter and end notes of caramel.

      Bourbon Vanilla from Papua New Guinea has proven a great choice of vanilla bean for a variety of cooking and baking projects and are especially popular for classic vanilla dishes like pastries and ice cream, and especially fruit-based applications due to pronounced floral notes. It's also perfect for more savory dishes like a Mexican mole. 

      Papua New Guinea is an up-and-coming region for vanilla cultivation. Both vanilla planifolia and vanilla tahitentsis can be grown and purchased from Papua New Guinea. 

    • The following is true about our Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Papua New Guinea:

      • Each gourmet bean is approximately 16+ cm in length.
      • They are produced in a region that produces extremely high-quality Vanilla Planifolia.
      • On average, there are  120-150 Papua New Guinea Vanilla Beans in a pound.
      • Every vanilla bean you purchase from SloFoodGroup will always be all natural, gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO!
    • A little-known fact about vanilla beans:

      In 1841 a 12-year-old slave by the name of Edmond Albius resided on the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean and made a discovery that would change the culinary world forever. He found that the delicate vanilla orchid could be hand-pollinated. You see, up until this realization, vanilla orchids were only pollinated by a small, stingless bee called the Melipona, and some varieties of hummingbirds, which hindered global cultivation of the Vanilla beans. With Albius' discovery came greater cultivation and distribution potential. 

*always store vanilla beans in an airtight container in a cool and dark place

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