Star Anise, Vietnam
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The Prized Single Origin Autumn Star Anise from Vietnam

Used in Asia for centuries, star anise is most famous as an ingredient in Chinese five spice mix. Illicium serum, known as Star anise, has commonly been used for medicinal purposes, braises, soups, stews, pickling, candying and more.  In European kitchens and recipes, star anise is used for a plethora of baking and flavor applications.  Duck, tea, honey hams you name it, star anise plays a co staring role.  These wonderful little ninja stars of the spice world, whole star anise pods are an amazing example of a tiny product that packs a punch and a kick. Anise pods are often described as having a flavor and aroma profile of black licorice but are also sweet and spicy and should be used in complimentary moderation as not to over power a dish or recipe.

Why buy star anise from Slofoodgroup 

Our Vietnamese star anise are handpicked, sorted and only whole unbroken pods are used in selecting from the second harvest of the season. The autumn star anise harvest has an inherently higher oil content. This makes the Autumn season more desirable for consumers and fetches a high premium for farmers and growers.  Star anise and Saigon cinnamon are also two very important ingredients in the now famous Vietnamese dish of Pho. This dish itself, over the past several years, has becoming synonymous with this Vietnamese culinary identity.  

How do you use the star anise you have purchased?

Star anise comes ready to use in whole anise pod.  You simply drop the little pods in your liquid, braising stock, cream or whatever flavor medium you are using.  We recommend using cheese cloth and making a herb sachet so the pods are easy to remove and do not get lost or forgotten at the end of the cooking process.  If you are making a spice mix and need ground star anise, pop a couple anise pods in your coffee of spice grinder and give it a whirl.  Star anise grinds up great in a grinder and the remaining whole pods you are left with have a much more flavorful and longer shelf life than pre ground mixes.  

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