Sargol Saffron- all red filaments 

This quality of saffron translates to top of the flower and is separated from the Crocus sativus before the drying process. For many saffron enthusiast sargol saffron is a preferred grade of saffron for its high levels of crocin which is responsible for the aroma of saffron and well balanced coloring.  If aroma is a core concern we highly recommend this cut of saffron for your favorite dishes, desserts or rock candy treats. Saffron is available by the gram, by the ounce or by the pound.  If you are looking for larger quantities, please kindly send us an email request and we will be happy to accommodate. 

Uses for Saffron:

Teas, Gelato ,Stew, Rice, Seafood, Chicken, Candies, Bake-goods, butter sauce, etc.