dried morel mushrooms Morchella

Dried morel mushrooms for sale, Gourmet Morel Mushrooms, Edible Dried Morel, Morchella Mushroom
Dried Morel Mushrooms, Morchella Mushroom

Wild And Organic

Morel Mushrooms (also known as Morchella, sponge mushroom, or pinecone mushroom) are a culinary jewel. The Morel mushroom is one of the most sought after and prized gourmet mushrooms for its meaty texture, aroma and flavor profile.  These gourmet mushrooms can be found in many parts of the world but are particularly abundant in forested areas that have been recently burned by forest fires.  They can be used in broths for a deliciously tasty liquid; sautéed, fried, stuffed or baked to add a nice touch to whatever dish you create.  Morel mushrooms are a spring mushroom but can be found year-around in its dry form which hold well in the panty and can be easily rehydrated for a delicious meal. If your looking for a tasty treat to as Morel mushrooms work great no matter what course your serving.

Try adding Morel Mushrooms to your Madeira sauce, cream sauces, risottos or sautéing  them with garlic and butter.


The dried morel is easily reconstituted coming back to it’s original form by simply being submerge in hot water for only a few minutes. It takes roughly 7 pounds of fresh morels to make 1 pound of dried mushrooms. To use Dried Morel mushrooms simply steep for a few minute in hot water and add whole, sliced or chopped to any dish of your choice.


These morel mushrooms are wild harvested and organic gourmet mushrooms.

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  • 2cm stem
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  • wild harvested Gourmet  dried morel mushrooms
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  • all natural, gluten-free, kosher, non GMO

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