Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Grade A vanilla beans from Madagascar , commonly referred to as Bourbon vanilla beans but contain no bourbon or alcohol. The term bourbon comes from the Bourbon islands now known as Reunion but is also a common name used in reference to the variety of vanilla produced from the vanilla planifolia species of vanilla - Madagascar vanilla is the classic many consumers have grown up on and can be used for flans, gelato, ice cream,icings and just about anything that calls for vanilla.  The flavor is rich, dark and creamy with undertones that are sweet and buttery. These Vanilla Beans are well suited for everyday baking recipes, drinks and desserts. Vanilla Beans from Madagascar are some of the best in the world! Buy Madagascar vanilla beans now and see for yourself what everyone is talking about. 

  • average length 14-15 cm
  • cured at optimal maturity, these vanilla beans are highly fragrant and aromatic
  • great for custards, cream bases, vanilla extract and so much more
  • moisture content 30-35%
  • average vanilla beans per pound 110-150 count
  • all natural, gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO

*Vanilla bean tip: a great use for left over vanilla bean pods is to turn them into vanilla sugar. This can be done a two ways.

  • Cut the vanilla bean pods into one inch pieces (about 2-3 pods to 2 cups of granulated sugar). Seal in an airtight jar and allow to sit 1-2 weeks using normally as you would granulated sugar.
  • The second method is to dry the vanilla bean pods using a food dyhdrator or by setting your oven on low and allowing the vanilla bean pods to dry out.
  • Once dry, break the beans and place in a coffee mill or spice grinder. Grind until desired consistency.  This adds a nice visual touch to your vanilla sugar to go with the sweet delicate flavor.

*always store vanilla beans in an airtight container in a cool and dark place

100% Organic Natural Product. Non-GMO (Does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms)

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