Extra Long Madagascar Vanilla, Planifolia


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Grade A Bourbon Vanilla Beans for a classic vanilla experience 

This particular Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean is a Grade A bean that is above average in length, while still just as plump as a typical gourmet bean from Madagascar.  They are extremely flavorful—maintaining that rich, earthiness found in the most classically recognized variety of vanilla. As such, it is the most widely-used vanilla bean. Madagascar vanilla tends to be the workhorse of kitchens around the world and is often used for everything from flans, gelato, ice cream and icings to more savory recipes. It is the most common bean used to make vanilla extract and vanilla syrups. The flavor is rich, dark, and creamy with undertones that are sweet, buttery, and pronounced. Bourbon Vanilla beans from Madagascar are well-suited for just about anything and some of the best vanilla beans in the world. We suggest using Grade A Bourbon Vanilla Beans for recipes that don't have time for a long infusion process. Learn more about the difference in grades of vanilla beans here.  

Our vanilla beans are available in Wholesale and Bulk.

What makes these grade A Madagascar Vanilla Beans stand out?

  • Each of our extra-long Madagascar Grade A vanilla beans are at least 17 cm in length.
  • Bourbon vanilla beans are remarkable in custards, cream bases, vanilla sauces, and so much more
  • These gourmet vanilla beans are cured at optimal maturity, making them bean exceptionally fragrant—a true showpiece vanilla beans with an ample amount of vanilla caviar in each vanilla bean
  • The moisture content of our extra long gourmet vanilla planifolia is in the range of 30-35%.
  • There are about 80-90 extra-long bourbon vanilla beans in a pound.
  • These Bourbon vanilla beans are all natural, gluten-free, vegan, and non GMO.
  • As is true for all of our vanilla beans, these Madagascar beans meet the requirements for Kosher acceptability without official Kosher guidance.
  • Due to fluctuations of vanilla supply caused by weather systems, growth, harvest, and curing processes, and theft from farmers, all vanilla beans are only available while supplies last.

How To Use Vanilla Beans:

With a paring knife, split the vanilla bean, lengthwise, directly down the center. Using the back side of the knife blade, scrape the inside of the bean to remove the vanilla caviar (vanilla seeds). Use as much or as little of the vanilla bean as desired. The spent vanilla pod can be used to make vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, or a number of vanilla related products. Learn how to make vanilla sugar with spent pods in the tips section of our Madagascar Gourmet Vanilla Beans page.

*always store vanilla beans in an airtight container in a cool and dark place

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United States United States

Vanilla Beans

They arrived promptly, excellent packaging, beans were in good shape, but will have to wait to provide input on the quality of the bean. I will know in six months when my extract is ready.

Jeanne K.
United States United States

Vanilla beans

Exceptional great beans.making extract.Will be ready in 2 months.smells great already.thank you for a great deal.



I am SO impressed - these beans are moist, which makes them super easy to cut open, and plump so they have lots of seeds. The flavor is out of this world. The dried up little beans stuck in a jar in the spice isle are not going to be in my cupboard any more.

Teresa M.
United States

Extra Long Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Vanilla beans were very soft, moist and full of seeds. I am over the top happy with the quality of this product! The prompt replies, the service is second to none and thank you to Michelle, who goes above and beyond. Whole experience was a 5 Star, A+ rating. Thank you, will definitely order from you again!

Marsha G.
United States

Wonderful vanilla beans!

The vanilla beans I received are simply excellent. They are plump, oily, and wonderfully richly fragrant. I use vanilla beans mostly for making my own extract, some of which I gift to others at Christmas. My only regret is the price, which I understand is due to bad weather, but I do look forward to them being more affordable.

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