Gold Leaf - High Quality Edible 24k Gold

Edible gold leaf for your most luxurious creations. Buy 24 karat edible gold leaf for cakes, pastries, sushi, you name it, gold and silver leaf look great on just about everything and is eye catching and timeless in luxury. SLOFOODGROUP gold leaf is sourced in person by our team of culinary experts. We're as passionate about our ingredients as you are about your cooking.

Loose gold leaf is ideal for small projects, light garnishing, and accents.

Soft transfer gold leaf is similar to loose leaf but with transfer backing between each page for better control and light to medium projects.

Hard press gold leaf is firmly attached to transfer backings. Great for large surface areas, arts and craft projects, and requires gold to be firmly pressed upon surface and removal of backing. May require use of food glue or simple syrup depending on surface area.

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