"I just wanted to thank you for sending me such beautiful vanilla beans! I have ordered your beans twice now and they are far superior to the vanilla beans we were getting from our local purveyor. They are easily 1/3 of a size LARGER than the "premium" beans we had been getting, and for around the same cost. I will happily recommend your product to my fellow chefs in the valley!"

-Cindy Uirich

Pastry Chef, Royal Palms Resort and Spa
"I highly recommend ordering vanilla beans from SLOFOODGROUP
-David Dial, Spiced blog 

"I can't get myself to cook with these beautiful beans...I want to sleep with them instead..... BEAUTIFUL and VERY FRESH ...I am super impressed. Canning Vanilla Bean Pears today and will let folks know where the Vanilla comes from.....As a Chef, quality matters.!!....VANILLA BEAN LIVES MATTER....(oh well, I believe I've become giddy from sniffing the beans....)"


"All I can say is Wow! Excellent Persian Saffron! This is the best in the world. I have almost tried every Saffron form other sellers on Amazon and nothing even comes close to the quality and aroma of this product. If you are a Persian and are looking to buy a real Persian saffron from Amazon, this is the real deal, take it from one Persian to another my friends. Very fast and timely delivery"

Amazon Customer, September 17, 2016


"Items arrived earlier than expected and beautiful condition. I had asked seller questions prior to receiving the product and got a very quick and helpful response. I am very pleased with my transaction, including the price for the quality, promptness of response and fast shipping from the seller"

-Michelle, September 4, 2016



Amazing Beans - 100% Satisfied

"I was delighted by the extremely fast shipping. Beans were received in just days from ordering. The beans arrived in vacuumed sealed package, which can be resealable. The vanilla beans were exactly as described - plump and moist. The aroma was incredible. Quality is impressive, which which you will notice right away. I will certainly be ordering through Slogoodgroup again."

-Amazon Customer, April 6, 2016



"The food industry gets bigger and bigger every day, but the quality of ingredients and the quality of people selling those ingredients is becoming more and more scarce. Shawn with Slofood Group is putting out a line of products that is superior to most, at an unbelievable price, with unmatched service. Thank you."

-Jeff, The Briar Wood Inn



"Amazing product at a great price. The beans arrive fresh and soft and the packaging preserves them that way for a long time. I highly recommend."

-Secret G., Helena Montana



"I received your fantastic vanilla, cinnamon and saffron. The aroma and flavor of the vanilla and cinnamon is unbelievable!!!!! Can't imagine baking again without it. Can't wait to use the saffron, it looks and smells amazing. Your customer service and products are superb. Will definitely recommend your business and its products. Looking forward to my next order."

-Happy in MT



"The vanilla beans were excellent and to be frank, they are very close to the grand crus bora bora beans I currently purchase..."

-Kriss Harvey

Executive Pastry Chef, SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills



"Slofoodgroup provides the most top quality products I've come across. I buy mostly the vanilla beans from them and am always blown away. No matter which Bean it is, they are always dark, plump, shiny, and full of distinct fragrant."


Pastry Chef, Carlouel Yacht Club



"I received my saffron and was immediately pleased with the fragrance and freshness. We made a simple basmati rice with roasted chicken with a saffron glacé for lunch and can say without qualification that this is the finest flavored saffron I have ever used. I have been using saffron in rice, chicken, potato, and seafood for many years, and your product sparkles. Thank you."

-David C. Fish



"Thanks, you guys are great!  Great products."

-Ron GelatoONO


"All I can say is Vow! Excellent Persian Saffron! This is the best in the world.  I have almost tried every Saffron from other sellers on Amazon and nothing even comes close to the quality and aroma of this product.  If you are Persian and are looking to buy a real Persian saffron from Amazon, this is the real deal, take it from one Persian to another my friends.  Very fast and timely delivery."

Amazon Customer September 17, 2016



"Thank you so much. I was looking for a new vanilla bean supplier not that I order vanilla beans all the time but you guys are it.  Thanks a bunch."

Kim, Grandma's Gourmets



"I'm in love with your vanilla beans btw."

Pastry Chef Sarai, Bourbon Steak Scottsdale



"This saffron is great. We live in the Pacific Northwest and purchased this product to make saffron and mussels for a small dinner party and fell in love.  The threads are a beautiful red, the coloring bright vibrant and golden and the flavor just perfect. We will definitely be buying again.  Thank you slofoodgroup."

Amazon Customer August 3, 2016


“Thank you so much! Your vanilla beans are amazing. They make such a difference in my recipes."

Kimberly Lyons, Pastry Chef Marriott Grand



"Great quality Morel mushrooms, with fast delivery! Will definitely order more product off of this fantastic company! Keep up the great work! Sincerely, One satisfied customer"

Paul Clarke,   Etsy


“The quality of goods and service that SLOfoodgroup provides is extradinary."

Chef Brandon Lee, The Pig and the Lady Honolulu, Hawaii



“Very fast shipping-love the gold!! Will be ordering again.

Melanie Lane,  Etsy


“Previous to ordering these particular vanilla beans, I have ordered Tahitian vanilla beans from Beanilla since 2012.  Beanie definitely sells good quality beans, but these are just as good, and at a fraction of the cost that Beanilla charges.  Other than good price, the seller is very attentive, and I made note of the fact the minute I received the beans that I received the full amount of beans I had ordered: 35 beans.  These beans are plump, moist and delightful aromatic. I have tried six or seven different types of vanilla beans over the years, and Tahitian remains my favorite.  This is one of the best examples of that type of vanilla bean I have tried. I immediately made multiple batches of vanilla extract with these beans the day I received  them, and I eagerly look forward to using it in my cooking.  I would definitely buy from this vendor again"








How to clean a Tahitian Vanilla Bean

Check out this  great video for a quick and easy tip on how to effortlessly clean our delicious Tahitian Vanilla beans from Tahiti, by Pastry Chef Kriss Harvey of the SLS Beverly Hills.  


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